Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says a worm ate part of his brain over a decade ago.

The independent in the running for the U.S. presidency apparently stated in a 2012 deposition that a parasitic worm "ate a portion" of his brain and caused cognitive issues, according to The New York Times.

Per CBS, Kennedy's campaign confirmed the statement was true.

According to Kennedy's campaign spokesperson, he contracted the worm after traveling "extensively in Africa, South America and Asia as his work as an environmental advocate."

The statement comes from a deposition that took place amid his divorce from Mary Richardson Kennedy.

The presidential candidate claimed that the worm caused him brain fog and memory loss and that a doctor told him there was a "dead parasite" in his brain in 2010.

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The Times also reported that Kennedy was pushed to see a doctor after a friend noticed his "cognitive issues" and suspected a brain tumor.

However, in his deposition, Kennedy suggested that the worm he contracted was a tapeworm, which does not consume brain matter, according to CBS. They can infest the brain and other organs, though.

The outlet reported that it is unclear whether Kennedy underwent surgery to remove the dead worm or if the problem resolved itself.

Kennedy says he has healed from his cognitive troubles since the worm invaded his brain.

"The issue was resolved more than 10 years ago, and he is in robust physical and mental health. Questioning Mr. Kennedy's health is a hilarious suggestion, given his competition," his spokesperson said.

Kennedy also said in the deposition that he was also a victim of mercury poisoning due to eating too many tuna fish sandwiches.

"I loved tuna fish sandwiches. I ate them all the time," he said.

He apparently had 10 times the amount of mercury in his body compared to what the Environmental Protection Agency considers safe.

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