An artist is going viral on TikTok thanks to their seriously uncanny creations.

The TikTok user, who goes by the username @puppet_alp and has nearly 50,000 followers on the app as of publishing, showcases their talent for turning celebrities into surreal, literal hand puppets. (As in, their own hand is the puppet.)

The artist's handy creations include some of biggest names in music around the world, both past and present.

A video featuring the artist's hand configured to look like Ed Sheeran, for instance, has over 4.9 million views as of publishing.

The Sheeran puppet sports red hair (including "facial" hair), a "hoodie," black glasses and, seemingly, a prosthetic nose.

"This is more Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran," one viewer commented under the video.

"Telling my kids this is Ed Sheeran," another user joked.

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Another puppet is made to look like The Weeknd —  complete with red sunglasses, "facial" stubble and diamond earring —  as the artist contorts their hand to "lip-sync" along to the pop star's hit, "Save Your Tears."

"I didn't know The Weeknd had a twin," one viewer joked in the comments section.

The TikTok artist's creations don't just include pop stars, though.

One video features a "Jailhouse Rock"-crooning puppet of rock 'n' roll icon Elvis Presley, complete with thick black sideburns.

"Elvis as hand-some as you will ever see here," someone joked in the comments.

Check out more of their creations — including Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and more — below.

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