A man is feeling uneasy after his wife of two years slept in the same hotel room with another man who previously bragged about infidelity.

"My wife was invited to go to a show on a Saturday night with a male friend, we will call him 'Larry.' They have gone to shows before with other people involved and come back late at night. This has always been fine," he wrote on Reddit.

When his wife and Larry recently went to a show together, she decided to share a hotel room after the concert.

"My wife approached me the morning of the show saying that Larry 'was not comfortable driving home after the show that night,' so they would be getting a hotel room together. She asked if I was alright with that. I responded, 'No, I'm not,' and gave her the reason why," the man continued.

Larry apparently "likes to brag about visiting the area the show is going to be" and sleeping with "married women."

"Larry has also been reprimanded at his job for using his management position to acquire employees' phone numbers so he can 'flirt' with them. My wife looked at me and told me 'OK' and did not return home until 1:00PM Sunday," he revealed.

Now, the couple are barely speaking to each other.

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Users blasted his wife in the comments.

"I wouldn’t want my wife sharing a room with any guy let alone a shady, sleazy one. She’s asked, you said no and she did it anyway. Either they’ve been sleeping together for a while and she wanted to be with him no matter what you said or they aren’t [sleeping together], just slept in the same room but she doesn’t have respect for you and your marriage. Either way, nothing good will come of this," one person wrote.

"She [slept with[ the guy then, or already had before," another speculated.

"Yeah, that's definitely concerning. The whole situation sounds sketchy, especially with Larry's track record. It's understandable to feel angry and betrayed by your wife's actions, especially with the prolonged absence and lack of communication," someone else commented.

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