No consensus is unanimous.

For proof of that statement, look no further than the list of 30 films below, drawn from the hundreds — even thousands in some cases! — of half-star reviews on Letterboxd for some of the most beloved films in the history of cinema. (A half-star is the lowest-possible rating on Letterboxd, by the way; there is no zero star option.)

As you browse through these 30 reviews, you will notice that I have blacked out the names of these Letterboxd users. That’s because I do not want you to race off to yell at the people who wrote these reviews. That’s not what this is about. Don’t yell at anyone. (The internet as a whole could use about 6,000 percent less yelling at anyone and everyone.) Every single person on this list (and every single person on Letterboxd not on this list) is entitled to their opinions, no matter how different they may be from the majority.

That’s part of the pleasure of Letterboxd — and film criticism in general. There are plenty of movies that a lot of people like that I’m not particularly enthusiastic about, and vice versa. (Don’t yell at me either, please.) We all bring our own attitudes and experiences to films, and our tastes are reflections of that. Maybe that’s why I find searching and reading low-rated reviews of canonical classics so fascinating. And here are 30 of the most interesting, or the funniest, or the strangest of those reviews I have found.

Negative Reviews of Classic Films on Letterboxd

These movies might be considered classics by a lot of people. But not by everyone, as these Letterboxd half-star reviews prove.

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25 Movies With Surprising Letterboxd Scores

Sometimes consensus about a work of art is not what you expect it to be, especially on a site like Letterboxd, which aggregates the movie ratings and reviews of thousands of users.