You could say a Kennewick teacher failed at jury duty after she was released & fined for her behavior during court in a wrongful death suit.

Jjuror #5 had complained from the beginning of the case that she should be excused to prepare her students for an upcoming test but was denied by the judge.

Then the judge for the case, Benton County Superior Court Judge Sam Swanberg, started noticing her actions. He allegedly saw her slouching in her seat, keeping her eyes closed, and appeared to be falling to sleep during court.

She was also not paying attention and was reading her notebook when evidence was presented, according to reports.

The judge talked over the behavior with both attorneys and decided to release her from the jury and fine her an undisclosed amount of money.

The case is a wrongful death suit against the city of Richland by the estate of Wai Mon "Raymond" Chin when he was struck by a car crossing Van Giesen Street.

The case will be tried by the remaining 12 jury members.

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