A woman from Kennewick that offered to help an old lady that might have dementia with chores, instead allegedly used her to steal $10,000 in cash advances from her bank account and is now facing charges.

58 year old Vonne S. Marlatt from Kennewick says that she had permission to use the elderly woman's credit card. Investigators found that after having a credit card balance of between 2-3 thousand for years, her balance suddenly shot up to over $17,000 in 2 months time, according to news reports.

Most of the debt was caused by large cash advances.

Marlatt now faces charges of first-degree theft and second-degree identity theft in Benton County Superior Court on May 7th.

Police were tipped off from the victims daughter that was alerted by strange cash advances she was seeing on her moms finances.

The woman said she knew Marlett from church and that she had offered to help around the house.

Court documents say it was found the elderly woman might have dementia after a neurologist tested her and found results of a cognitive test being “significantly abnormal,”.

Marlett was caught on camera at least one time taking a large cash advance from the card on May 23rd in a Kennewick store.


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