Kennewick police are warning of a new phone scam where someone pretending to work for the "State" calls and wants to test your water.

They claim that "Tri-Cities has dirty water" and that they need to test yours to see if it is ok to drink.

No State or city officials are making calls to check water, according to reports. The local water is fine.

Police think it is a scam of someone trying to sell water filtration systems in the area.

Police also want you to know, if someone is selling products door to door, they need to be licensed by the city. If they are licensed, they will have one of these two types of identification cards posted below.

If they don't have one a licensed card, call the KPD at (509) 628-0333.

Solicitor’s licenses are not required for door to door religious outreach or other protected free speech content.

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