Love's is open for business in Pasco. The new "travel stop" is at 2252 E Kartchner Street. This is good news for truckers, and anyone else on a long road trip.

Spend enough time going back-and-forth from Point A to Point B and you learn to appreciate a place like Love's, which offers a wide variety of snack options, clean restrooms (so appreciated), and plenty of pumps to gas up.

Love's Travel Stops generally have a fast food restaurant anchored inside, such as Subway, or Carl's Jr., and the new Pasco location has an Arby's, which sounds good to me.

Love's offers plenty of fresh and healthy options; ready-made salads, yogurt. If it's a morning commute you might catch me grabbing an iced latte and a couple of bananas, although typically I will grab a Gatorade or flavored water of some sort, and a pack of Nutter Butters. I love Nutter Butters, but I only eat them on the road. Different rules apply on the highway. You get it.

For truckers, Love's offers a place to shower, do laundry, and grab a hot meal. There's also a generous selection of electronics, adapters and batteries, to keep your devices running and stop you from getting bored.

For locals, the new Love's created jobs. You can find any future openings at

Now just so this doesn't sound like some paid promotion for Love's, I've also learned to appreciate other truck-stops such as The Flying J. And Starbucks will do in a pinch, if all you need is a cup of coffee and a clean restroom.

But just about everyone that passes through the door at Love's, no matter how busy the register, gets a cheerful, "welcome to Love's!" So I'll end this by offering Love's a sincere "welcome to Pasco."

Note: Love's new location in Pasco is the second in the Tri-Cities area, with another in Prosser.

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