We’re not going to spoil anything in Black Adam but odds are if you’re reading this you’ve already seen rumors about an appearance from Henry Cavill as Superman in the film. Whether those rumors are accurate or not, it does seem that Warner Bros. very much wants to make another Superman movie with Cavill, just a handful of years after the studio ended his career as the Man of Steel after just three films — Man of SteelBatman v Superman, and Justice League.

According to a piece in The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros.’ new leadership team has “an intense desire” to get Cavill back in a new DC movie. Here’s more:

The project that would essentially be Man of Steel 2 is being produced by Charles Roven and is currently in a search for writers. (There is a wishlist, of course. And Christopher McQuarrie, the hand that guides the Mission: Impossible movies was on it. McQuarrie worked with Cavill on the 2018 installment, Fallout, but sources say no official outreach has been made nor may it be feasible, as the director is working on the next back-to-back Impossible installments.)

Again, without spoiling anything in Black Adam itself, Dwayne Johnson has made it no secret that he wants his DC superhero to tussle with Superman — be it Cavill’s or somebody else’s. On the Black Adam press tour, he already said on the record that he “absolutely” thinks Black Adam and Superman should and will fight in an upcoming movie.

Cavill’s Man of Steel return is a surprising development for a few reasons. Warner Bros. has already been working with producer J.J. Abrams on a totally different Superman movie that Cavill. You could certainly make multiple Superman films with multiple Superman, but this news certainly adds some question marks to that other movie. And the sharp changes of creative direction speak to the upheaval behind the scenes at Warner Bros., which still hasn’t settled on a singular executive to guide their DC projects in the same way that Kevin Feige oversees all of Marvel’s output for Disney. For all we know, whoever eventually gets put in charge of DC for Warners could decide they don’t want Cavill back after all and go in a completely different direction with the material. So there’s just a whole bunch of uncertainty surrounding these characters right now.

Meanwhile, Black Adam, which may or may not feature a cameo from Cavill as Superman, opens in theaters this Friday.

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