James Bond always has the best gadgets: lasers, explosives, pens that are guns and the like. No, there will be none of those for the Moses Lake Police Department, but they are getting state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices! The device is able to shoot GPS tracking tags from the police vehicle on to another car. It's designed to reduce high-speed chases.

During a chase, an officer can deploy the tracking device and it will attach to the car he or she is pursuing. Once it attaches, it sends a signal so that the police can just track the car without chasing Then police can radio in a road block set up to stop the car down the road.

Pretty cool huh!? This is be a much safer way to stop suspects and will hopefully aid in reducing high-speed chases. The Moses Lake PD spent $7,100 to purchase the StarChase Pursuit Management System, and two will be attached to patrol vehicles this month. So, be careful trying to pull off a bank heist in Moses Lake and trying to get away, the cops will be ready for you... James Bond-style!

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