Imagine yourself enjoying a lovely cool day on the beach, standing barefoot and letting the waves come up to your knees. A calming, blissful moment - until you look down and see a foot in the water that isn't yours.

In fact it's not attached to anyone at all.

The severed feet of the Salish Sea is a modern horror story

For the past couple of decades, reports have increased along the Pacific Northwest coast - primarily in British Columbia and Puget Sound - of dismembered human feet appearing on beaches. Usually, these feet are found within a shoe or sneaker.

That's actually more terrifying. Imagine your kid picking up a shoe on the beach and running over to show it to you. "Look, look what I found!" and suddenly you realize you're going to both have a lot of trauma to deal with while you try to not vomit into the sand.

Scrub that thought. Anyway, this led the internet to come up with some crazy theories, usually involving serial killers. After all, this phenomenon was happening in a very limited, localized part of the world - so clearly someone was out there with the worst kind of foot fetish.

In recent history, a bizarre mystery has rattled beachcombers and investigators alike: Why are severed feet being found on the shores of the Salish Sea? - Netflix

The feet are so famous now, they're on Netflix

That's right - the severed feet of Washington (and Canada) have made such a name for themselves that they've made it in virtual Hollywood.

Netflix's series Files of the Unexplained addresses the mystery in its 8th episode, "Floating Feet of Salish Sea." They join the series with topics such as "Pascagoula Alien Abduction," "Government's UFO Conspiracy," and "Ghosts of Myrtles Plantation," so you can imagine what audience the series is reaching for.

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Let's put all jokes aside here for a minute though. These feet are human remains, which means that behind each found foot, there's the story of someone who has gone missing from our lives. It's important to remember that there are not only dead people who are involved in these cases - but living people who carry their memories.

If you are interested in the series though, check out the trailer below.



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