More details have been released in the Coulee City stabbing involving twin brothers Shane and Shawn Wachter. Shawn is now facing charges of man-slaughter and will be tried as an adult in the case where he stabs his brother. Now that details have been released, it looks like Shawn was defending himself after he angered his brother that had been drinking that night according to news reports.

According to new reports, Shane had just come home from a night of drinking with his girlfriend, fallen down, and called to his brother for help. Shawn went to find out what his brother wanted but did not help him up and told him to "shut up and go to sleep". Shane then got angry because Shawn had woken them up the night before and the brothers started wrestling. the fight eventually spilled into the kitchen where Shawn grabbed a knife to protect himself and eventually stabbed his brother in the chest.

Police said that Shawn did not appear to be impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident and answered questions with consistency. Shane eventually died at a local hospital of his wound and his brother now awaits trial on a $50,000 bond.

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