Richland-born rapper Marquise “Nobi” Green returns home Saturday 8/20 for his first Tri-Cities gig in almost 5 years. He's been a little busy during that time, opening for big names like Lil Wayne, appearing in a Seattle Seahawks documentary, and getting high marks for his debut album, "Fulminate."

Nobi chops and dices weighty bars like a seasoned sous chef at dinner rush — meticulous, impassioned and unflinching as he fillets institutionalized racism on songs like “New Chains.” -Seattle Times, with 15 critics ranking the Nobi album among the best Seattle releases of 2020.

Nobi insists he doesn't make rap, he makes art. The best rappers of the past chronicled the world as they saw it, much like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan did for folk music, and Springsteen and Mellencamp for rock. Nobi is in that American tradition. Call it conscience rap, call it protest music, call it whatever you want. The message is in the music, and in his name. Never. Obey. Blind. Individuals. Nobi.

Seattle rapper Moondrop, Vancouver up and comer David July, and Esteelo from North Hollywood join Nobi for the show at at the Emerald of Siam. Doors open at 8:30pm.

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