The first time I stepped foot in a casino, I was a high school freshman traveling with my grandparents. We'd stopped at the Golden Nugget in Sparks, Nevada for a meal, of all things, so I only caught a slight glimpse of the casino floor. Not a dazzling impression - but on that same trip, I had plenty more casino visits as we made our way to a family reunion. Turns out, casinos - especially casino arcades - can prove great babysitters for bored teenagers.

I bring up that story because it's a reminder that casinos have more than just gambling available. Maybe it's because of Las Vegas, but for a long time now, casinos have been viewed as entertainment destinations for families and adults. Because of that, they're designed with more amenities than slot machines and craps tables in mind.

Casinos are more than gambling: they're travel destinations

Comfortable hotels, delicious restaurants, and performance venues are just the start of what casinos can offer. In fact, casinos can go well beyond these comforts - eager to pull in visitors from all walks of life. The Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore hosts a waterpark, aquarium, and Universal Studios. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas has a shopping mall and gondola rides.

But sometimes you don't want to travel that far to experience a delightful vacation with entertainment catered to all ages. Instead, take a look at these local casinos in the Pacific Northwest where a day's drive can get you to your destination.

Northwest Casinos That Deliver a Great Time

All of the casinos here are in the Pacific Northwest and have a respectable gambling floor, but they each have at least one thing that makes them unique and special.

Gallery Credit: Dan Roberts

Remember: always gamble responsibly, if you choose to gamble

Washington State has set up a self-exclusionary program that allows you to opt-out of gambling - essentially a blacklist you can join which will prevent you from being able to gamble within the state's participating casinos.

If you're still looking for a fun place to travel this year with the family, check out the destinations below.

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