You may not know it, but now is the best time to buy and enjoy some of the most flavorful asparagus to grow in the Colombia Basin in years!

It is harvest time for local growers of asparagus and the spring temperatures have helped made a special crop this year, according to reports. The cold temperatures have caused the plants to grow slower and giving them fuller flavor.

The trade off for the colder spring is that they have less asparagus to sell.

Larsen Farms supervisor Hector Lopez reports that most local stores are still selling asparagus from Mexico, according to news reports.

"Here we are cutting real good asparagus and when you go down to the store, yuck. With that kind of asparagus (from Mexico), I hope the customers will get scared of it,” says Lopez.

Make sure to check the asparagus you buy is grown locally to get the best flavor.

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