Bad air got you down? Lungs and throat feeling like you've smoked a pack a day for 30 years? Can't find a decent face mask? Buck up! There's a company that has created effective AND stylish masks! VOGMASK! Yes, you can order a face mask to help filter out air pollutants, germs, odors, molds and more AND look stylish at the same time! Well, as stylish as a face mask can look!

I have been having a really hard time with all the smoke in the air this summer and this last week in particular. A friend of mine pointed me to Vogmask. Now I haven't tried them out yet, but the masks are supposed to help filter out many air pollutants such as all the smoke in the air in the TC and all over the Northwest from fires. They have three sizes to fit kids through adults and they come in a range of patterns so you can chose a style that fits you. I thought it was kind of ridiculous at first, but if these things work, AND they look kind of cool, count me in. What about you? Would you try them out? Take a look at their website and decide for yourself!

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