Fiery Food Festival takes over Downtown Pasco this Saturday, September 10th, from 3 pm to 7 pm. And I know you love fiery foods, because you're reading this article. I like spicy food, too. But if you're going to the Fiery Food Festival, it's important to know how to put out the fire, because... Well, let's face it - sometimes it's too much. And who wants to feel like they're melting from the inside out?

Your instinct will be to reach for a glass of water. Well-intentioned people, seeing your eyes water like Multnomah Falls, may give you a glass of water.

But water will not help. In fact, water will make that fiery food feel even hotter!

So what will help you squash that raging fire in your mouth? Grab a pen and paper (or just take a screen-shot), because what follows are your Fiery Food Festival Survival Tips. 5 spice hacks to help put out the fire.

The Milk Medicine

Milk is the surefire magic elixir that will extinguish your mouth-fire immediately. Which is great, if you don't mind having milk breath.

The Bread Balm

Bread will grab and absorb those fiery spices from the roof of your mouth, cooling you down quick. Really, any starch will do: potatoes, rice... But bread is easy, efficient, and usually nearby.

The Sugar Solution

A teaspoon of honey or a cube of sugar can soak up those stray spices while delivering more delicious flavor.

The Fruit Fix

Here's some science for you: alkaline foods like oranges, lemons, pineapples and tomatoes (yes, it's a fruit) can neutralize the acidity of your spice.

The Craft Beer Cleanser

Pilsners, lagers, and ambers - beers with more malt than hops - are excellent at taming fiery foods. IPAs will only turn up the heat.

Now You're Ready to Feast on Fiery Food

So enjoy the Fiery Food Fest this Saturday. And if you find yourself in the Hot Pepper Eating Contest (Brought to you by Tres Pueblos) at 4pm, now you know how to bring your temperature back down again.

Fiery Food Fest will have a Fiery Farmers Market, salsa tasting, Celebrity Pepper Gauntlet, and several food vendors, along with a beer garden, and live music. Go have fun!

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