Customers of a Pasco gas station helped stop an armed robbery in progress by helping a clerk subdue a woman trying to rob the store with a large knife. Police were called just after midnight early Saturday morning that an armed robbery was in progress at the Eastside Super Station located on East Lewis Street. When they arrived, they found the suspect, Lorena Jimenez-Alvarez, held face down on the ground by two female clerks, a male customer, and the husband of one of the clerks. Witnesses say that Lorena Jimenez-Alvarez entered the store with a hoodie and large knife and demanded money from one of the clerks working. The other clerk came from the back and jumped in and grabbed Lorena Jimenez-Alvarez with the help of other customers.

Police want to remind people not to try to subdue a criminal when something happens because it is not safe and they could get injured or worse. "Clerks tackling robbers with knives? That makes a great story, but we do not recommend it" say Pasco Police on their Facebook post about the story. They also say that "There are some clear indications that if local police had access to a secure mental-health lock-up facility, she would have gone there."

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