Crime doesn't pay. Especially if you're not very bright. If you're going to use fake money, make sure it's convincing. Usually if it says "For Motion Picture Purposes" on it, it's probably not going to fly. Although, if the cashier isn't paying attention, MAYBE you can get away with it. Well, unlucky for Samantha Adams, who tried to use a fake $20 bill to get snacks at a Moses Lake gas station. The cashier noticed that the bill was fake and wouldn't take it. Adams left with the bill before police showed up, but she went back to the SAME GAS STATION later purchased snacks with real money, but left in the same car she got in when she tried to use the fake money.

When police pulled the vehicle over, they searched it and found a bag with heroin in it, fake $20 bills, and drug paraphernalia! Her defense? It wasn't my bag! And she also denied trying to use a fake bill. The guys in the car with her also denied that it was their bag. Adams was wanted for several warrants and was taken into custody. Another person in the car, Joseph Montes, 29, was taken into custody and is currently charged in Grant County Superior Court with possession of heroin, first-degree criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

While these two are far from the real Bonnie and Clyde (plus we don't know if they're in a relationship), it seems that they had a bit of a spree before getting caught. All crimes are alleged at this point, but with that bag-o-evidence, it seems slim that these two will get off any time soon.

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