A Portland pizza restaurant called Scotties Pizza Parlor has broken the world record for most different kinds of cheese on a pizza with 101 cheeses. The pizza was inspired by the legendary Novantanove Formaggio (99 cheese) pizza talked about in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 movie according to their website. Scotties Pizza Parlor took it up a notch by adding stuffed crust to take the official record at 101 different cheeses on their pizza and they call it the "Centouno Formaggio".

They served the pizza during pizza week in Portland from April 17-22nd and only served the stuffed crust record pizza on April 23rd. You can still order the "Centouno Formaggio" although they only offer it in the 100-cheeses form, not stuffed crust. Here is the description on their menu:

"(CHEN-toe For-MAH-geo) our world record-setting 100-cheese pizza, made possible by combining aged mozzarella with 55 shredded cheeses, our house-made ricotta with 35 soft cheeses, a frico crisp of baked parmesan, and 9 more dry grated cheeses sprinkled on top  /  $29"

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