Are you Scream-Worthy for Silverwood Theme Park tickets?

Prove it all next week on Hot 97.5 where you'll "scream for tickets" to win a pair of tickets to the Northwests largest theme park...Silverwood!

So how do you win?

Listen for the Hot 97.5 Dj's to be screaming on the roller coasters of Silverwood Theme Park.

Be caller 9 @ 544-9750 and you get a chance to prove to us that you're "scream-worthy" of the tickets.

The Dj will ask you to scream like you're on a roller coaster and then put you on hold for an undisclosed amount of time.

They will take you off hold twice to make sure you are still screaming and check on you...if you are still screaming both times they check on you, you instantly win a pair of Silverwood Theme Park tickets worth over $90!

If the Dj takes you off hold and your not get nothing!

How long will you scream for Silverwood tickets? You might only have to scream for a couple minutes, or maybe over an hour!

Find out if your scream-worthy all next week, with Hot 97.5, all the hits!

Check out all the fun you'll be having at

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