This month I learned about an event from history that happened in 1976 that is "unbelievable." I say that because it's the stuff of movies. In fact, movies have been made about it, but they're old. I heard about it because I was wondering if there were any special forces tougher than Navy SEALS. And if there are, how come we never hear about them? Well, check this out:

The story I'm about to tell you is about Israeli commandos. They have to be more deadly than U.S. Special Forces -- their entire existence depends on it. They're surrounded by enemies. Everyone around them wants Israel gone. We're surrounded by oceans, and Canadians and Mexicans, who both kind of love us.Israel is in one of the most violent places in the world -- and has been since the dawn of time.

The only other country that maybe matches them in toughness is the Russians. The elite military of Russia does training exercises with live fire putting real people next to targets to up the ante during training exercises. But that's a story for another day.

The story I'm about to tell you began in the summer of 1976 when Palestinian terrorists hijacked an Air France jet with over 100 Jews and Israelis on board. They flew it to Idi Amin's Uganda who hosted them in his Entebbe Airport. Idi Amin is who "The Last King of Scotland" was about.

In "Operation Entebbe" or "Operation Thunderbolt" more than 100 Israeli commandos, three military transport planes and two Boeing jets took off from Israel and flew less than 100 feet above the Red Sea to escape Egyptian and Saudi radar. Then they flew over Ethiopia and to Kenya where one of the Boeing jets landed and acted as operation HQ.

Then under the cover of night one of the transport planes landed at the airport. The commandos were inside a black Mercedes and Land Rovers JUST LIKE that driven by Idi Amin. They approached the terminal acting like they were him. Then they stormed the terminal and killed the terrorists. About three hostages were killed in the crossfire.

Then the hostages were loaded onto the airplane and two more aircraft landed with military assault vehicles. These fought off the Ugandan military and destroyed 11-30 Soviet MiG fighter jets owned by the Ugandan Air Force so they could not pursue the planes. During the fire fight five commandos were injured and one leader -- the older brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- was killed.

After about 53 minutes the MiGs were destroyed, the hostages were loaded and all commandos were back in the planes, which took off and flew to safety!

One Israeli hostage taken to a hospital for treatment was killed afterwards by Idi Amin's men, along with doctors and nurses who tried to defend her.

Several hundred Kenyans in Uganda were also slaughtered for Kenya's support of the raid.