After the Seahawks lost to the Falcons, the internet exploded with lots of fan hate towards our kicker Walsh. He came up about 6 inches short on a long kick to hopefully tie as time ran out Monday night. The thing is, fans should not be so quick to blame this lose on Walsh. Here are 5 reasons I think Walsh should be given a pass and not blamed for losing the game.

  • 1

    Walsh Saved 7 Falcon Points on First Kickoff

    On the first kick-off of the game, the Falcons returner almost went the distance. Walsh was the lone thing standing between 7 points and he made the play slowing the runner down until help could come.

  • 2

    Brilliant Placement on Pouch Kick

    The Seahawks needed a big play to get back in the game, and Walsh delivered an amazing pouch kick. He caught the Falcons off-guard and gave the Hawks the ball deep in Falcon territory when they needed it most.

  • 3

    Fake Field Goal Try Not His Fault

    The Seahawks missed 3 points when they went for a fake kick and Willson was tackled behind the line of scrimmage. Walsh had nothing to do with that one. Blame the lineman Pocic for completely missing his block.

  • 4

    Walsh Made All His Extra Points

    Sure, one went off the pole, but Walsh made all his other kicks that night and only missed the last long one by inches. I felt we should have got closer to give us a better chance.

  • 5

    3rd Down & Turnovers Were to Blame

    All the penalties, breakdowns on 3rd down, and turnovers were the real reason we lost this game. Take away one 3rd down conversion, big penalty or turnover and the end would be different. Also, waisting a time out in the second half made it difficult to get into position at the end.

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