Despite being a bit of a spooky soul, I've never actually played with an Ouija board. Thankfully, the internet has come through with plenty of online Ouija boards - including one that uses chatbots! These are fun novelties but get boring pretty quickly, especially because it's impossible to suspend disbelief about a computer program.

The best online Ouija board is on Reddit

Online Ouija boards are predictable. Reddit is not. And that's where the Reddit board, r/askouija, comes to life. No, it's not a real "spirit board" - it's more of a social game that's been active for years. But the premise is the same: ask a question, and r/askouija will answer.

How r/askouija works

The subreddit is a mashup of Cards Against Humanity and "One Word At A Time" Stories (with a splash of "wrong answers only"). Here's how the game is played.

First, a user asks a question of the "ouija board." Some people do ask genuine questions, but as you'll soon see, a lot of people use a "fill in the blank" style question.

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Second, different users begin answering the question through replies: one letter, and one person, at a time. The goal is to spell out an answer like you'd see in a spirit board session.

Next, someone will enter the phrase GOODBYE when they think the answer is complete. This ends the answer and submits it for review.

Finally, users will submit "upvotes" to vote for their favorite answer(s) to the question. These are submitted to a bot, which will eventually tally the best answer and submit it as the official answer.

Cooperation and chaos lead to some funny and witty answers

Let me be fair to the internet: a lot of answers on r/askouija are going to be trolling, rude, or snarky. There's plenty of times that answers have come back insulting the original poster ("OP"). There's also times where questions just go unanswered due to a lack of engagement. This is a game after all, and a bad prompt won't get good replies.

But some of the answers are genuinely snappy and funny. So without further ado, let's look at some of the best of all time!

The Funniest Responses From r/AskOuija

Reddit can be a wonderful place, a terrible place, and sometimes, a funny place. Take a look at some of the funniest responses to come out of r/AskOuija, a community game that's a mix of Cards Against Humanity and One-Word-Story games.

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton

If this is your humor, there's a lot more where this comes from! Here's a visit from internet comedian, Matt Rose:


And for a classic twist, revisit this hilarious compilation of Yahoo Answers questions about the "Weggy Board".

Are you really lost? Well, here's a guide to the internet.

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