A Richland man charged with trying to convince a teen girl to join the sex trafficking trade is blaming his behavior on testosterone treatments.

That man, known as both John R. Abrams Jr and John R. Pine, will use that as his defense when he faces a federal jury in October.

The cornerstone of his defense will be the observations by Dr. Richard B. Krueger, a physician who specializes in forensic psychiatry, according to reports.

"(Abrams) has a very clear history of hypersexual behavior related to his treatment with testosterone," says Krueger in a court filing.

Krueger says the hormone treatment was to blame and that Abrams is not a threat because he is not taking treatments anymore.

Court documents say that Abrams was "instructing (the teen girl) how to dress, wanting to teach her bedroom etiquette, arranging a photo shoot for advertisement and making arrangements with a female client to purchase (the girl) for sexual purposes."

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