A two car accident late Friday after 10pm on the intersection George Washington Way and Columbia Point Drive ejected a woman out the window. The woman survived luckily. We know thanks to her Facebook comment on the Richland Pd Facebook page highlighting the accident.

"Hey...there I am on a stretcher. I was headed home in an Uber, not wearing my seatbelt (please spare your lectures...I'm pretty miserable right now), ejected from the third row seat through a window. I don't remember how the accident happened, or going to the hospital. I spent 5 hours in the ER at Kadlec. I am extremely grateful, BEYOND fortunate, and just...at a loss for words that I made it with only cuts full of glass that required stitches and staples. Especially because one of the gashes is on the back of my head. I am so lucky.

I remember people helping me as I came to. One woman that pulled my dress back down over my body, and a man. I cannot thank you enough. And to the paramedics. And to the doctors and nurses at Kadlec. A+ wonderful compassionate care. ❤️"


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