You've seen it all over the news, the eruptions happening on the Big Island of Hawaii. From what we've all seen it looks like all of Hawaii is becoming a volcanic nightmare. But that's not entirely true. Yes, the fissures and eruptions on the Big Island are dangerous, but they are not as big or hard to avoid as you may think. But most people aren't aware of that and Hawaii's tourism is way down because of it. The May vacation cancellations alone have caused about $5 million in losses to the tourism industry. Hawaii's economy depends a LOT on tourism dollars, so hopefully they will be able to make some of that money back.

If you were planning a Hawaii trip, don't cancel! Maybe just adjust your plans to go to different islands, or simply avoid the areas affected. If you thought you couldn't afford a trip to Hawaii, but have always wanted to go there, maybe now is the time to book! With people cancelling, the crowds will probably be smaller, and hey, you may be able to find some good travel deals. Not to make light of the situation, there are people being evacuated and some have lost homes. But Hawaii needs out tourism dollars to sustain their economy, and rebuild roads and other structures that have been damaged. So if you can, book that trip and go see paradise!

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