This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks Griffin twins will make NFL history by being the first twins to start on the same team EVER! This season actually has two different sets of twins joining the same team for the first time in 9 decades! The other set of twins play for the Patriots (Devin & Jason McCourty) but will not both start at the same time.

Twins even making the same team has only happened twice before in professional football history, and that was during the pre-modern NFL era. Gene and Tom Golsen both played for the '26 Louisville Colonels and Earl and Mryl Goodwin played for the 1928 Pottsville Maroons.

Shaquem Griffin is also setting another NFL record by being the first modern-era NFL player to start with only one hand.

There was one other player named Ellis Jones that played in eight games for the Boston Yanks of the National Football League in 1945. He had one arm and played both offense and defense in college.

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