Seahawks Bobby Wagner spoke up about his thoughts on the new enforcement of rules designed to protect the Quarterbacks in the NFL.

"I don’t think they can continue to call the things the way they’re calling them. I think it’s kind of becoming really, really hard for the defensive players to figure out a way to hit the quarterback," says Wagner in a recent press conference.

The most controversial part of the NFL rule is:

"When tackling a passer who is in a defenseless posture (e.g., during or just after throwing a pass), a defensive player must not unnecessarily or violently throw him down or land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight. Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up the passer with the defensive player’s arms and not land on the passer with all or most of his body weight", according to the NFL Operations Video Rule book.

Most people think the rule is new but it was added to the rule-book back in 1995. This year the rule has been enforced differently.

Lots of players and past players are speaking out about the new enforcement of the rule and how it has impacted and changed the game.

Miami Dolphins coach Gase said "I don’t know what they’re going to do. I hope they do something. I think it’s kind of being made fun of, just how soft it is for the defense. Like, we can’t touch the quarterback."

Bobby Wagner had an interesting suggestion.

"I know you all have seen those videos with the little pillow. You know, maybe I’ll bring a pillow out there."

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