A Seattle woman, Seul Ki Yum, used dating sites to get more than her dates were in for. Yum was convicted of extorting more than $300,000 from men she'd met on online dating sites. She'd basically date the guys for a while, then try to get money from them. She would blackmail men with girlfriends or wives saying that she'd expose their relationship. She even went as far as to say she was pregnant and needed money for an abortion in some cases! She was caught in a sting when one of the guys she was scamming wore a wire to a money exchange.

She plead guilty at her trial and get this: she only got 30 days in jail or work release, followed by 60 days of electronic home detention! WHAT!? A month for all that!? I think she's getting off light! I mean, don't get me wrong, those guys were cheating, kind of had some kind of repercussions headed their way, but this woman scammed over $300,000 off these dudes. To me, one month of work release or jail is NOTHING compared to all the money, not to mention the other pains she caused.

What do you think, did she get off light, or is that a reasonable punishment?

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