WA State Patrol Troopers are reminding you to secure your load.

In a tweet from WA State DOT:

One of our Incident Response drivers found this vending machine on the shoulder of NB I-5 near Thorne Lane in Lakewood. This could've done a lot of damage. Please secure your loads for everyone's safety. Make securing your loads the choice of a new generation.

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You're encouraged to secure your load for safety.

WA State law requires that any vehicle driven on any public road be to be loaded in a way that secures the load and any covering used.

From the WA State Department of Ecology:

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Unsecured loads cause over 300 crashes every year in the Evergreen State.

One study found that nationwide 40% of road debris is caused by unsecured loads. Some tips to help secure your possessions are to tie them down. Use rope, straps, and chains to fasten large items directly to your vehicle. Then, cover your load with a tarp. Covering your goods with a tarp and then fastening the tarp to the vehicle will be much safer. Be sure not to overload your vehicle. Double check that your load is secure before you leave on the road.

A good question to ask before you take off on the road:

Is there a chance that any of my cargo could fall out of my vehicle?

If any of your cargo can fall out due to braking suddenly or hitting bumps in the road, your load is NOT secured. If you see an unsecured load, call 911.

What have you seen on the side of the road? A pop machine is kind of different. However, watch the video below of bizarre things found on the road from Be Amazed and be amazed!

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