In the days of old, the townsfolk would gather in the local pub to drink and sing away their cares. They would celebrate the end of the work day and raise their voices and glasses with glee. It's in that spirit that Beer Choir celebrates as well! If you haven been to a Beer Choir, you're missing out. Once a month they throw a little celebration of song and drink and bring back that old-timey spirit of community,song, and celebration.

Even though Beer Choir is put on bu the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, you don't have to be a master singer to come. All you need is a voice and a desire to have a great time, sing as loudly or softly as you like, with or without beer (or drink). This month beer choir is tomorrow (August 23rd) at a new location in town At Michele's (which is incredible, by the way) and starts at 6:30 pm. They'll have drink specials during the event, and it will be a great chance to check out the new venue and of course have a great time singing your heart out, but you really don't have to sing, just come for the fun! Click here for more details and see you at Beer Choir!

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