It's fun to hear your hometown mentioned in a song, isn't it? But let's face it, New York, San Francisco, Detroit and other large cities have that market cornered. So when a well-known artist puts your seemingly obscure community in their lyrics, it's kind of a big deal.

She Got Arrested - The Interrupters

She got arrested for shooting down her man

U.S. Marshals caught her outside of Spokane

Said "I'd do it again."

Spokane? In an alt/punk song? The first time I heard "She Got Arrested" on the radio, I almost drove off the road.


Jolene -  Zac Brown Band

Cocaine flame in my bloodstream

Sold my coat when I hit Spokane

Summer-camp counselors will NOT be selecting this Zac Brown Band song for fire-pit singalongs, but it does mention Spokane.

Spokane (parody of Eric Clapton's "Cocaine") - Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes

When your drivin' all day

Ain't seen nothing but hay

Spokane (Spo-caine)

When you're down on your luck

And they repo your truck

Spokane (Spo-caine)


Like "Weird Al", Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes are made from scratch (no karaoke bed here) with the best musicians around. Their parodies have been played on radio stations on both coasts, as well as Mtv.

Co-host Spike O' Neill provides additional comic relief here as a disgruntled Spokanite.


Still a G Thang - Snoop Dogg

D-town [Detroit] Eastside St. Louie [St Louie]

Spokane get ya money man tic-tock

Little Rock right next to Houston, Texas

Home of Rap-A-Lot we like to jack a lot


Snoop Dogg has been to Spokane a lot, and his shows always sell out fast. So a quick shout-out in his lyrics is sick.


Spokane Song - Jewel

What city can offer the great outdoors, and access to 33 golf courses, of course?

Spokane can, Spokane can...

When other city's can't, can't, can't...

Spokane can.

During her 2010 tour Jewel would write songs about the towns she was playing, and perform them on-stage. As you can hear, Spokane loved it.

Children of the Sun - Billy Thorpe

The people of the Earth stood waiting

Watching as the ships came one by one

Setting fire to the sky as they landed

Carrying to the world Children Of The Sun

Children of the sun


This song gets from Australia's Billy Thorpe gets an honorary mention because the name Spokane means "children of the sun" in Salish. And once upon a time there was a radio station in Spokane called "Rock 106" that played the hell out of it.

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