Kennewick is one of the three major cities that make up Tri-Cities, Washington, alongside Richland and Pasco. The city, which sits on the south side of the Columbia River, was ceded by the Umatilla and Yakama tribes in 1855 and incorporated in 1904.

Kennewick's claims to fame include:
► Kennewick Man: An almost complete skeleton found in Columbia Park, dated at 9,200 years old.
Tri-City Water Follies: An annual hydroplane race and event held along the Columbia River.
► Tri-City Americans: An ice hockey team in the Western Hockey League which plays from the Toyota Center.

Where to Get Warm in the Tri-Cities
Where to Get Warm in the Tri-Cities
Where to Get Warm in the Tri-Cities
The current cold front has brought snow, ice, and freezing temperatures to the Tri-Cities. Warming centers have been set up across Richland, Paco, and Kennewick to provide a place for people to escape the cold. Ben-Franklin Transit offers an easy route via their bus services to get people to the warming centers and out of the wintery weather.

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