Summer is fun. The heat, the vacations, the parties, and wearing flip flops are great! But there's something special about fall. Autumn is the time of changing leaves, crisp nights, football, and the fashion! Finally we can start layering up with scarves, boots, gloves and more. If you're a fashionista, you know that the fall collections are no joke. Whether you are shopping for Dolce & Gabbana or, the latest looks in Target, fall is THE best time for fashion!

I was thinking about all the fun accessories that we bust out in fall that we kept all cooped up for summer and it got me thinking: which is my fave? Do I love cute booties and booties? Am I an fan of faux fur? Do I love snuggling up in cozy scarves? I mean, yes to all, but which is my fave? And more importantly, which is YOUR fave? Take the poll and lest see which fall accessory trend we love the most! Happy Autumn!

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