You may have trouble posting your #EclipseSelfie this coming Monday. Due to the fact that millions of people will try to gather as close as they possibly can to the 100% viewing zone for the eclipse, cell phone service providers say service may get bogged down. It makes sense, just like when you're at a sporting event or concert, having so many people in one place causes the service to slow or even stop in some cases. Cell companies say they are preparing for this as best as they can, and the good news is that a lot of providers are setting up portable cell towers to that service can stay strong. However, there's no guarantee you won't see some slowing.

So, pro tip? Take photos and post them later. Don't try to live tweet the eclipse and save posting your videos for later as well. If you HAVE to post as its happening good luck! You'll probably be fine, but remember, literally MILLIONS of people will be trying to do the same thing! :)

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