If you haven't seen Infinity War, why did you even click this!?  Or, maybe this just popped up in your feed. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! If so, stop scrolling. I'll give you a sec...

*******SPOILERS AHEAD*******

Okay, now we're good to go. If you're like most Marvel fans, even if you knew what was to come in Infinity War (IW), it was still hard to see some of our faves go. I mean, they didn't even give us a second to get in to the film before offing our heroes! Of course, they didn't really have time to build up because MAN they had a lot of work to do. The movie is breaking records all over the place, and we all know why. IT ROCKED! But honestly, I know a lot of us felt like we needed therapy after seeing so many go.

So here it is, our little group therapy session going over the 5 hardest goodbyes. Yes, these are subjective, but I strongly believe at least three of these will be in your top five.

5. Okoye and T-Challa- The genuine fear, shock, horror, and sadness on Okoye's face when T-Challa goes is Oscar-worthy. She doesn't know what she's seeing, and she's genuinely just torn apart in the split second we see her. Well done, Danai!

4. Bucky and Captain America- One word, "Steve...?'  😭😭😭😭

3. Rocket and Groot- For those who don't know, Baby/Teen Groot is not original Groot, he's the son of Groot. So, this littke guy (not so little in IW), has been raised by Rocket and the Guardians. So when he goes, for Rocket, it's like seeing his son go. And not much makes Rocket cry, so this one had me bawling!

2. Loki, Heimdall, and Thor- I mean, they didn't even give us time to say goodbye. And for all his messing around at being evil, Loki still loves Thor more than anything. And Heimdall, clutch to the end!

1. Spider-man and Ironman- I can't even... "Mr Stark...?" (Hearts collectively break...)


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