There are definitely trends in what food and beverages are popular at any given time. It seems lately that bars and restaurants have been getting more in to craft cocktails than micro-brews or mules. In bigger cities this has been a trend for a while, and it seems that trend is really starting to spark up in the Tri-Cities, and I'm not complaining. While some bars started really getting in to their signature cocktails for a while in the TC, lately it seems more and newer places are really starting to make their mark, and do it well.

I was in Yakima over the weekend and went to Cowiche Kitchen and Icehouse Bar. It was AMAZING and their craft cocktails were legit. It got me thinking of where in the Tri-Cities I go for a great cocktail. Lu+Lu and Amendment XXI have great mules and other signature drinks. Twigs and Cedars have been doing cocktails for a while, but new places Ive been to like At Michele's and Proof, and The Bradley (which I haven't tried yet) that are really taking cocktails to the next level in the Tri-Cities.

I know there are other places I still need to discover, so I leave it to you. Who do YOU think has the best craft/signature cocktails in our great Tri-Cities? Take the poll, and if you don't know what a craft cocktail is (or you want to see some amazing ones I've had in TC) check out the photo gallery below! May the best place win!

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