What Is The Commonly Most Misspelled Word In Washington State?

A recent Google Trends discovered the most misspelled words in all 50 states and some of the words will have you shaking your head.

You'll be surprised that even the most common words can easily be misspelled and Washington State's most commonly misspelled word will surprise you.

Leonard Mc Lane
Leonard Mc Lane

Tomato Made The List For California And Normal Gets Misspelled Often In Texas

The good news is that there are other states that have seemingly easier words that they misspell so I'm not feeling too bad for us Washingtonians.

Ohio might have to rethink its education system as AWESOME is the state's most misspelled word.

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It was surprising to find that TOMATO in California and NORMAL in Texas were all words that seem to get misspelled a lot in those states.

Hill Street Studios
Hill Street Studios

I'm glad our days of having to get in front of the class for a spelling bee are over because some of the words are tough to spell like BOUTONNEIRE in Nevada and KAUAI in Hawaii.

Washington State's most misspelled word according to the 2022 Google Trends is EXPERIENCE.

Washington State's Most Misspelled Google Search Is Experience According to Google

I can see how "experience" can be a tough word to spell off the top of your head and you'll be pleased to see that our neighbors like Oregon and Idaho struggle with words like AWKWARD and TOKYO.

Bologna is one of my favorite words to spell because I use BO-LOG-NA as my way to remember how to spell it.

I concede that I have no desire to be part of an adult spelling bee but the misspelled words were interesting to check out and at least we didn't blow the word AWESOME here in Washington State.

You can check out all of the other 50 states' most misspelled words below:

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