The girls of the Three Rivers Soccer Club have qualified for the USYS (US Youth Soccer) National Championship in Orlando.

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The only issue is cost. They need our help getting to Florida for the competition.

They'll need funds for airfare, hotel, and ground transportation, and of course, their meals.

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According to a release:

"With a three-week window between Regionals and Nationals, cross-country airfare is at a premium price," April Duran said. "They need to cover hotel and ground transportation expenses for their week in Orlando. And since playing 90-minutes of soccer burns a great deal of calories, they will need to feed their bodies well."

And with that, Duran set up a GoFundMe page.

The goal is $10,000.

The group of young women is described as the "true definition of a Cinderella story."

The group formed in Spring of 2021. The team added and subtracted players from the roster due to injuries. Sometimes, the team played with only 11. They've done a tremendous a job in overcoming obstacles along the way.

The latest was defeating United PDX (Oregon) in the USYS Far West Regional Championship. 3RSC (Three Rivers Soccer Club) beat United PDX 3-1.

3RSC G 03/04 Black is THE FIRST Tri-Cities team to qualify for the USYS National Championship. The gals have practiced in heat, wind, rain, and snow. They've juggled high school and college classes while training together. Every player has a GPA over 3.0.

The USYS National Championship will be played in Orlando at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex July 19th to July 24th. Let's send these ladies to Florida where they'll shine. You can donate by clicking the button below.

Every young woman on 3RSC G 03/04 Black, thanks you for your support!

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