It's been a tough year for us comic-book fans. Two legit legends, artists George Perez (New Teen Titans), and Neal Adams (Batman) passed away, weeks apart from each other. And this week the shocking news that iconic comic artist, Seattle-based Tim Sale, has joined them in that 4-color print-shop in the sky.

DC's Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, Jim Lee, said the following in a published statement: "Tim was an extraordinary artist, who was masterful at storytelling, and panel layouts, and his compositions were second to none. I was always so impressed and inspired by his use of lighting and shadows, which infused his work with foreboding gravitas and dramatic noir sensibilities."

In 2007 Tim Sale told the Daily Mail that his hopes for life included "a work life that is compelling, and a love life that is fulfilling. And for my two dogs to be with me forever." During his time on Earth, he had that. And more.

Was Tim Sale from Seattle?

Sale's family moved to Seattle from Ithaca, New York when he was just six years old. He attended two years of college as a Husky at the University of Washington before going to art school in New York. Eventually he found his way back to the Emerald City.

How Old Was Tim Sale When He Died?

Tim Sale was 66 years old when he passed.

What Caused Tim Sale's Death?

No cause of death has been disclosed, but Sale was sick enough to be taken to the hospital, where he passed away three days later.

Who was Tim Sale?

Tim Sale was a fan-favorite, Eisner Award-winning comic-book artist who rose to prominence when he began to collaborate with writer Jeff Loeb. Notable works together include:

DC Comics' Batman: The long Halloween
DC Comics' Batman: The long Halloween

He also provided artwork for the short-lived, but immensely popular Heroes television series, another collaboration with Loeb.

NBC's Countdown To The Premiere Of "Heroes"
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Why was Tim Sale So Popular?

Tim Sale's art was highly stylized, and looked deceptively simplistic, but his use of shadows, ink wash, and an eye for storytelling elevated his work above the competition.

He was also a super-friendly, very approachable guy at ComicCons, including his hometown Emerald City ComiCon, where he drew a long line of fans year-after-year, looking to get a sketch or an autograph, or talk Mariners baseball.

And frankly, the Batman stories he told with Jeph Loeb are among the most celebrated and influential of all time, inspiring not only peers in the comics field, but Batman film directors Christopher Nolan and Matt Reeves as well.

Is Tim Sale's Art Valuable?

Tim Sale Captain America White
Tim Sale Captain America White

This page of original Tim Sale art from Captain America: White, issue 1, was selling for $3,125.00 as of this writing. You can see other Tim Sale art for purchase at Essential Sequential.

Twitter Reacts to Death of Tim Sale

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