We're about halfway through summer, some people still haven't had that summer vacation they've been looking for. So we dug around the Pacific North West looking for the perfect summer vacation plans to help you out.

Little did we know there's so much to do for your summer in Washington, so we put together a list of things you and the family can do. Even tho we're closer to the end of summer than the beginning, these spots should be perfect for some last-minute vacation ideas.

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5.) Wild Waves Theme Park

Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is a theme park and water park rolled into one. Whether you're looking for some thrill rides on the I.5 Dive, or you wanna dip into the wave pool and ride out the sick swell on a boogie board. There's plenty of fun here for the whole family, even uncle Jack.

4.) Great Wolf Lodge

Want all the fun of a water park but all the shade from the sun, then this is the place for you and your family. Great Wolf Lodge is a giant indoor water park filled with delicious restaurants, top-tier bars, and great safe fun for the kiddos. You can call or go online to make reservations today, that's right they also have their own hotel!

3.) A Weekend in Seattle

Time to strike while the iron is hot, take a trip over to Seattle, take in the sun, and the food, and hit some of the beautiful beaches while you're there. We'd also suggest taking up a Mariners game while you're there. No, it's not a joke, the Mariners are on a hot streak and playing their best since the early 2,000s.

2.) Check Out Leavenworth 

Leavenworth is known for being a small german town in Washington, with loads of fun things to do and a lot of food to eat your way through. So grab a hotel for the weekend and get lost in all the fun to be had. It's great for families to go explore, with gift shops, restaurants, and fun events the whole family can partake in.

1.) Ocean Shores

I will never, not suggest this place for your summer getaway, Ocean Shores is absolutely breathtaking during the summer, with water as far as the eye can see, food for all walks of life, moped rentals, horseback riding, clam digging, you name it the Ocean has it. So take a weekend to get away and sip some beers on a beach.




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