For Idaho fans of the macabre looking for a spooky adventure that can easily be pulled off in the same day, located 200 miles northeast of Twin Falls is the site of one of the state's most gruesome discoveries. The headless torso of an early twentieth-century wanted man baffled investigators for more than 100 years, and one of the area's charitable groups offered tours of the creepy cave in 2021.

The Story Of The Buffalo Cave Torso

The Civil Defense Cave is located north of Idaho Falls and near the city of Rexburg. A human torso was found inside the cave more than four decades ago and is commonly called the 'Buffalo Cave Torso'. In 1991 its arms and legs were reportedly found by Clark County law enforcement. The identity of the man was determined to be a bootlegger by the name of Joseph Henry Loveless.

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While it's not exactly clear if the individual responsible for the gruesome murder was ever brought to justice, Loveless' story is perhaps one of Idaho's top legendary tales. In the summer of 2021, the Dubois Lions Club organized a tour of the site where the torso was found. Dubois is a neighboring community 45 miles northwest of Rexburg.

How To Visit The Civil Defense Caves In Idaho

A couple of Idaho media outlets publicized the tours last summer. The City of Rexburg website also has details on how you can visit the Civil Defense Caves on your own and how to best prepare for your adventure. There are other caves you can also visit in the same area.

You'll want to take this trip sooner than later, as the cave is known to get snowed in during the winter months.

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