This Halloween visit if you dare, the Field of Screams.

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You'll walk the haunted maze in Richland that has everyone terrified. It takes about an hour to make it through and it's packed full of thrilling scares. The walk is about a mile long. You'll make your way past the giant ghouls in a swamp and then find yourself in a haunted Junkyard. They say, "Beware of the piles!" You don't know what's under, in, or behind! From there, you'll find Clown Town, and then it's off to Outbreak, an interactive zombie shooting ride.


The ride drops you at the waiting room, and then you're off to the Monster Bar and then the mortuary. You'll move on to the Corn Maze, where you may have some trouble. Moving on, you'll encounter the Asylum and the Possession Room.

You'll have a decision to make at this point.

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Enter the Extreme Screams Maze (13+ age restricted) if you choose. Or, if you have little ones with you, say, "I want my mommy." You'll be sent an easier way home.

From the Field of Screams website:

Step 1. Buy a ticket or tickets for you and your group. Choose your time carefully. You must arrive and check-in within 15 minutes of your reserved time either way. Checkout and receive your confirmation.

Price $32.18 + tax per person. Ages 12 and up.
Included, one walk through the Field of Screams.
Included, one ride on the Outbreak Zombie Thrill Ride midway through the haunt. No additional purchases are allowed for Outbreak.

Step 2. View your confirmation from Check all information is correct. Errors must be reported within 1 hour of purchase. No refunds are allowed past the 60 minute time limit. Changes made to your reservation can only be made no later than 24 hours in advance of your reservation time and only with a $10.00 per ticket change fee subject to availability. All no show reservations will be cancelled without refund.

Step 3. Make sure you click "Sign My Waiver" and send the waiver link to all in your group. Everyone needs to sign a waiver.

You can purchase tickets by clicking on the button below.

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