A Tricities man who dresses up like Spiderman for kids parties and accused of child rape is back in court professing his innocence according to news reports. Alexander Siharath is facing charges of rape of a child in the first degree when his trial continues November 30th, 2016. The charges started a year ago when the aunt of a 7 year old girl came forward about the rape. The aunt says the girl told her a man named Alex touched her privates and threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone. The incident allegedly happened two years ago, almost a year before the charges were made.

Siharath says he is always with multiple people when around kids at parties and is never alone with them. He says he was not even in town during the dates of the rape and insists he is innocent. He also said he had been kicked out of his church, his gym, and abandoned by most of his friends because of the charges.

UPDATE: Charges were dropped in this case in spring 2017.

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