EvergreenHealth hospital in Kirkland went into emergency lockdown after a doctor reported he saw a man walk in the hospital with what looked like a gun slung over his shoulder.

Police were called and the hospital was put on emergency lockdown for aver an hour.

After looking at security cameras, police released a picture of the suspect on social media asking for help finding him.

credit EvergreenHealth Medical Center
credit EvergreenHealth Medical Center

The man they were looking for was actually an employee of the hospital carrying an umbrella. He saw the picture of himself and contacted security which sent police to confirm that it was in fact an umbrella.

Lt. Robert Saloum the public information officer for the Kirkland Police Department said the umbrella "absolutely looks like a large weapon", according to reports.

The hospital confirmed the man was an employee but would not say which department or if the man had taken the umbrella to work before.

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