Believe it or not, Washington is home to more than 900 different spider species.


Most spiders are venomous, but most aren't harmful to us. The most common spiders in Washington include giant house spiders, jumping spiders, and orb weavers. Some people are tremendously afraid of spiders and suffer the condition of arachnophobia. There are two spider species in Washington you do need to be concerned about.

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One is the black widow spider.


Female adult black widows do have dangerous venom, however, will try to escape rather than bite, unless they're guarding eggs. Female black widows are mostly shiny with a red hourglass on their underside. Black widows prefer dark corners, and only bite when they're disturbed. A black widow bite will affect your nervous system. If you believe you've been bitten by a black widow, get medical attention immediately.

The other you want to avoid is the yellow sac spider.

attachment-Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow sac spiders are mainly found in the garden. However, they do make their way indoors in the fall. They can move fast and climb. You'll find these along walls and ceilings. Instead of webs, they build silk sacs where they hide. Yellow sac spiders are capable of biting, but the bite won't kill you. It could be quite painful, though. It starts off feeling like a mosquito bite and hours after will become more painful and swollen. If you get bit by a yellow sac, you're advised to apply ice and elevate the bite site. If you become nauseous, have a headache, or the bite seems infected, seek medical attention immediately.

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