Sgt. Cameron Meddock's wife Stephanie is pregnant with the couple's first child. During his second tour in Afghanistan the 26-year-old Army Ranger died yesterday in Germany of wounds from small-arms fire on Jan. 13. He was fighting the Afghanistan branch of ISIS.

Sgt. Meddock was based at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (of which the Yakima Training Center is a part). His family calls Texas home.

The Army estimates at least 10 hostiles were killed in the operation on Jan. 13. Meddock had previously earned a Purple Heart along with several other awards, certifications and accommodations.

He was a machine gunner, automatic rifleman, and fire team leader. The region Meddock's team was protecting (Badghis Province) was supposed to be a relatively safe area. He was in Company A, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

Sgt. Cameron Meddock, based in Washington State
Sgt. Cameron Meddock, based in Washington State