An aggressive owl's antics have prompted the city of SeaTac to issue a warning.

People who frequent North SeaTac park are advised to wear hats or helmets for protection. Some people also arm themselves with an umbrella. It seems like something out of a horror movie.


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Are Barred Owls friendly?

According to Wikipedia, Barred Owls tend to be highly territorial. They're known to be aggressive to intruders on their territory, especially during nesting season. Owls will chase away those who they believe to be intruding. They will loudly hoot and may strike with their feet.

How large are Barred Owls?

They weigh between 1-2.5 lbs and are between 16-20 inches long, with a wingspan of 39-44 inches.

What do Barred Owls eat?

According to, Barred Owls are generalists and opportunistic predators. Small mammals and rabbits make up most of their diet, but they also eat birds up to the size of grouse, amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates.


Most of their hunting is done after sunset and during night-time hours. Sometimes they feed during the day. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife recommends that if you must walk past the nest to wave your arms overhead to keep the birds at a distance.

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