They always look sweet and innocent when they look up at you with their big beautiful eyes, trying to make you think everything is OK -- and then without any warning, they strike! Taking their revenge on you in the most unexpected way. So here is the story ...

Yesterday our dog Emmy Lou was being naughty and got into the garbage that was waiting to be taken out. She dragged some garbage around the floor, and being the parent I am, she got a punishment and we went on our about our day. So at bedtime Jordan and I got into bed, just sitting on top of the blankets in conversation and he says, "Why is the bed wet? Did Easton have a cup in here?" I was like no, he hasn't been in here, and as a good mom does I smell it to try to figure out what it is.


Never ever, even as a learning puppy, has my dog peed on my bed. I was FURIOUS.

I am telling Lorane, a dog trainer, about what Emmy Lou did (mind you Lorane has given me dog training advice before, so she understands Emmy) and she tells me that she had to take her cat to the vet for the first time and her cat was so mad at her that she pooped at the bottom of the stairs for months!

What has your pet done in retaliation on you?

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